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I Look at a LOT of Vulvas (Tuesday, December 13, 2022 at 11:13pm)

"The Flower of Life Remastered" by Wild Yoni Energy

The truth is that vulvas are extremely complicated. It can be difficult to see the urethra, the clitoral head and for some women, even the opening to the vagina.

I have been taking my time to locate all the various layers, and then asking my patients if they have taken a look too. Most people say no.

So this is the thing no one talks about- Vulvas age. They don’t look like all those pretty pictures people like to draw.

Before a vulva owner reaches puberty everything is small and tucked away.

After puberty, (Maiden years) the vulva can look like all those pretty perfect pictures.

After giving vaginal birth (Mother years), the inner labia can stretch and get a little darker. The inside of the vagina might peak out more. The area between the vestibula and anus can get a bit more “wrinkled”.

When vulva owner stop ovulating and their estrogen production significantly decreases (Crone years) the vulva and vagina GREATLY change.

The inner and outer labia can become adhesed. The hood of the clitoris can start closing. The vagina can become shorter and narrower.

The skin on the vestibule (the inner area in front of the vagina) can become thin, white and rigid. (This can also occur for vagina owners who are on estrogen blockers for cancer treatment or people transitioning genders using testosterone- but that’s another post).


Nobody talks about how vulvas and vaginas change after birth.

And nobody ever tells us that it changes even more after menopause.

I encourage every person who has or has consensual access to a vulva to go TAKE A LOOK.

Look at the labia. Look at the area inside the labia. Do you see the urethra? Can you pull back the hood and see the head of the clitoris?

Is the skin pink? Is it moist?

KNOW yourself.

What is a vulva owner to do?

-Have a pleasure practice. This helps bring blood (and joy) to your pelvis. -If you enjoy penetration, keep doing it! This keeps the vagina from getting smaller. You don’t need a penis to help with this either. Fingers and sx tools/toys work great. -Use high quality lube. Uber Lube is my favorite. -Don’t be scared of vaginal estrogen cream!!! There are NO studies that support the idea that it causes breast cancer, blood clots or stroke. There is a theoretical risk of uterine cancer.

For vulva owners that want to use their yoni for their whole life, want to minimize pain, UTI’s and reduce the risk of adhesions and closure -speak to a doctor that actually knows this stuff and is not coming from a place of fear about estrogen.

As a woman in her late 50’s (yup), I care about this stuff.

Our sexual health is important for our entire lives. Not only when our vulvas look pretty like the pictures.

Much love and blessings,


Feel free to reach out to me, I would love to keep in touch via Instagram @SexMedDoc and @MakeTimeForTheTalk and via Facebook @

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