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Something Positive for Positive People Virtual Conference: Herpes Stigma Conference - "Sexual Health is Mental Health"

Celebrating 5 years as a 501c3 non profit organization, Something Positive for Positive People (SPFPP) will be presenting an analysis of its most recent herpes stigma survey at it's very first online conference. The theme of this conference is "Sexual Health is Mental Health", focusing on herpes stigma in healthcare, how one's identity can be interconnected with their sexuality after an STI diagnosis, and the physical expressions of stigma that can sometimes lead to suicide ideation.

We will also present SPFPP's proposed solutions to the symptoms of herpes stigma which will have a secondary impact on STD Prevention efforts & Sex Education programs.

This conference is for Public Health professionals, especially who might work with individuals living with herpes, as well as mental health professionals. Of course anyone can come learn how to be a better ally and support people navigating herpes stigma, but we want to encourage attendance from those who can implement our proposed interventions at their healthcare organizations.

Please follow the link for additional information and if you have questions PLEASE share them in the comments. You can contact me directly here or through the SPFPP website.

Something Positive for Positive People (SPFPP) is a 501c3 non profit organization that began as a suicide prevention resource for people struggling with herpes stigma. Now, we are the leading sexual health communications resources for people navigating herpes stigma, and we advocate to integrate their experiences into sex education and STD Prevention programs. Learn more at

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Feel free to reach out to me, I would love to keep in touch via Instagram @SexMedDoc and @MakeTimeForTheTalk, via Facebook at and via email at

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