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The STARS Talk is a framework that helps one to have meaningful and intimate, consent-based discussions that are vital for healthy relationships​​​​​. 

STARS is a simple acronym that helps begin a conversation, leading to beautiful, consensual connection.


By using STARS, you create a safe space for talking about subjects we often keep to ourselves, so...

S:  Safety

T:  Turn-Ons

A:  Avoids

R:  Relationship Intentions and Expectations

S:  Sexual Health and STI Status

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Available to teach at your school, college, or place of work. Online classes available.


For Young Adults

Workshops offered to empower young adults to not only be able to do "the talk" but also lead their own workshops and educate others.

Image by Dainis Graveris

For Non-monogamous People

3 hour workshop created especially to address the needs nonmonogamous people. Additional focus on STIs.


Comprehensive explanations and demonstrations of The STARS Talk.

The STARS Method

Good Girls Talk About Sex Podcast

with Leah Carey

"[Dr. Evelin Molina Dacker] explains the STARS method she created. It’s an easy-to-remember acronym that will help you begin conversations leading to great, consensual sex.


But I don’t want you to just get the theory behind the conversation, I want you to hear it in practice! So I invited my friend Ray to join me for a sample STARS conversation."

Seeing STARS: A Stimulating Safer Sex Talk

TEDx Talks: Evelin Molina Dacker at TEDxSalem

Dr. Molina Dacker explores a new way to be communicative about sexuality to promote a healthier society and build better relationships with ourselves and others. Now more than ever we need a sexual paradigm shift and it starts by talking about it.


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Printable STARS Cards


Free STARS, STI + Covid-19 Resources

Thank you so much, we are so grateful for your generosity!

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