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My Year of Mystery

Originally posted from The Field:

The Field Facilitator Training by one of our 2023 participants:
"I’d never heard of Rachel before! I had no idea what her work was. I didn't even bother looking into it. I had no idea who Christian or Andi was, and I didn't really want to know because it was so important for me and my process of learning to actually be open to the mystery of what I was going to find."

Yup. This was me!

It was my year of Mystery~and I took that literally.

And, this training it changed me.

Everyday I have people comment how I seem so much more embodied and grounded. To be honest, for me it is less about being a great facilitator as it is being a better human being.

This training transformed everything in my life. I now know how to show up better by being attuned to the field and living in alignment with it.

Embodiment isn’t about doing somatic exercises- it’s being able to listen deeply.

Much love and blessings,


Feel free to reach out to me, I would love to keep in touch via Instagram @SexMedDoc and @MakeTimeForTheTalk, via Facebook at and via email at

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